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I definitely missed the sunshine, street food, and the super-friendly Indonesian trees (Although they are getting chopped down right and left for more and more malls D: )
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Hi everyone! :)
How are things? I hope everyone is drawing/photographing/sculpting/chasing deadlines happily wherever you are. I'm settling in quite nicely after some months in my new home. The parks and lakes of Minneapolis are incredibly beautiful, the people mind-bogglingly nice, and I've been having a lot of fun making art and rolling on autumn leaves (and soon, on snow!)

Speaking of snow, I'll be pretty much staying put for the winter break, with snow and work piling all around the pillow fort I've constructed for myself in my dorm. To add some bright spots in the monotone, I thought I'll do some little commission work, if anyone is interested!

:bulletorange:   :bulletorange: So...winter holiday commissions! With Holiday-ish prices! :D :bulletorange:   :bulletorange:

I draw anything. Give me your hybrid creations, weird fantasies, and nonsensical daydreams! Obviously, things that are racist, sexist, or promotes hate/oppression towards any group of people are a no-no. But I trust everyone to not even ask for it.
It's going to be for private use only. Commercial use is another beast entirely, but we can also talk about that via message.

Character-centric illustrations [$30]
Portrait or bust. And by character I mean anything that's sentient. If you want a loving portrait of an Orc or a Mind Flayer, I'm totally game with that too. Can come with any background you want, from simple washes to a modest clutter of weird things. Since paper space is kind of limited, I can probably only fit one person inside these (unless the other person is a baby or a wee faerie)
Naming Day Trinkets by scarlet-dragonchild

Not-so-simple character-centric illustrations [$50]
Also comes with a simple background of your choice. Feel free to add however much people as you want inside the paper space. I'll figure out a way to have them all get along and pose nicely for the picture :P

Mature Content

In the Comfort of Tentacles by scarlet-dragonchild
Portraits of a Cycle by scarlet-dragonchild
Satu Atap cover by scarlet-dragonchild Satu Atap 2 by scarlet-dragonchild

Simple scenic illustrations [$50]
Illustrations with more focus on stories, scenes and/or backgrounds. If you don't like people, you can even do away with them entirely.
Reveries by scarlet-dragonchild Canals by scarlet-dragonchild
Somewhere only we know by scarlet-dragonchild Paths by scarlet-dragonchild Longing by scarlet-dragonchild

Seriously cluttered scenic illustrations [$75]
As it says on the tin. Just go nuts in detailing what you want.
Fairy Tale Endings by scarlet-dragonchild A walk in Bandung by scarlet-dragonchild
The Soothsayer by scarlet-dragonchild Finding the Queen by scarlet-dragonchild Four Stories by scarlet-dragonchild

Something else entirely
Whether you want comic pages, architectural drawings, glorified love letters, or anything that's not covered in the above (admittedly dubious) categories, just message me and we'll work it out!

Send me a NOTE with your email/paypal, which price range you want, and the description for your picture.
Be as detailed or as vague as you want about your request, bring references if you want, tell me songs that reminds you of it, or a poem - Just describe it in the way you're most comfortable with.  

Is by Paypal or bank transfer (Wells Fargo)
It will be great if you can pay after I send the sketch to you, or if you prefer you can pay half of the price after the sketch and the other half after the picture is done.

And finally, happy holidays everyone! Have a great time with family, friends, good food, and twinkling lights! :hug:
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These days my life is filled with suitcases and half-finished comics (and subsequently vexed editors)...

And I just realized how much I miss DA! Uh..*waves sheepishly to whoever is still around* I hope everyone is still drawing, photographing, vectoring, and generally making art happily :)

So, this month after an orientation in Lombok island, I'll be flying off to German for the Erlangen Comic Salon 2012 in june 7-10 in Erlangen, as a part of Comiconexxion Program with Goethe Institut Jakarta, together with dziqker and vanguard-zero ARIELAkris will also be showing her works there, but sadly won't be joining us there since she's half the world away in Savannah *waves* More about this Comiconexxion thing in Goethe's Website  Would anyone in Germany be in for the Erlangen comic salon? Would be great if we can meet up :)

And in August, I will also be moving to America! :D More specifically to Minneapolis, to take my MFA (hopefully specializing in comics) in MCAD. So things are pretty messy right here with suddenly looming deadlines and packing and all sort of unfinished business - since I didn't initially thought I would be going away at all XD  But! I'm super excited, having poked around the internet for anything Minneapolis and anything MCAD when I remembered that I haven't scoured DA yet - Does anyone reside in Minneapolis? Better still, anyone in MCAD? :D

...Is hoping living alone there means more time to make artworks and to romp around in the internet more (although this seems to be wishful thinking since all art schools are definitely not known in conjunction with spare time XD) But, a girl can hope! :D

So, hoping to see more of you guys around :) Happy drawing everyone!


My fanart account (mostly Bioware games XD) :iconlingering-song:
Sister :iconalizarin: Niece :iconradinkadaynara: (ish a proud auntie!)
Fellow indonesian Comic-making artists
:iconsfin: :iconaiyeahhs: :iconbaskara: :iconlindbloem: :iconnanjung110: :iconarchie-the-redcat: :iconomupied: :icondziqker:
:iconekyu: :iconzsami: :iconmalya:  :iconsinlaire: :iconyamineco: :icondarklycan: :iconmini-sys: :iconarielakris:
:iconjreinhart: :iconvanguard-zero: :iconchef-cheiro: :iconlanzetter: :iconalibolong: :iconbayou-kun: :iconirzaqi: :icontransbonja:
:icondomdozz: :iconhimenyuu: :icone-park: :icontyo-kuuma: :iconamanokawa: :iconbob-raigen: :iconbake2x:  :iconchristasyd:
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Heya there :D
It's been a long time since I've written anything in this journal, or frolicked on DA, for that matter. An extremely belated happy new year! Hope everyone is well and happy and creating wonderful things :)

These past year has me neck-deep in comics, in the best of ways ^^ I finally finished my first Koloni Comic :
which cover you can see here : scarlet-dragonchild.deviantart…
*For Indonesians still interested in buying it just note me :) it can be delivered*

I'm on my way in making the second installment of the story, while also working on my other comics, which is BANDUNG : WHISPERS FROM A CITY. It's a full-color sort of artsier affair,and requires numerous treks up and down the city I live in, which is what the comic's all about :) so I'm taking my sweet time on that one (in other words, I procrastinate a lot on that one ^^; )

Don't forget to catch a lot of upcoming Indonesian comics this year. From Arioanindito's 'Nadya and the Painkillers', darklycan's 'Vienetta and the Stupid Aliens', to ericbdg's 'Binatang Jatuh!' Hope this will be a good year for us all ^^   


For INDONESIANS, a little bit about the new local comic shop opening up this February in Bandung:

Mau woro-woro dikit nih, tentang KOMIKARA : Rumah Komik, yang hari Jumat 12 Februari ini bakal soft opening.

Berawal dari ngobrol-ngobrol sepertinya, dari mulai banyaknya komik lokal yang ada di toko buku dan penerbitan sekarang, dan lain-lain. Tapi diluar itu, kita juga sadar kalo nyari komik lokal itu..SUSAH XD Ada yang udah abis stoknya di toko buku tapi toko bukunya gak mau nyetok lagi (culas yah :P), ada yang pengarangnya suka ngilang atau misterius, ada juga yang karena distribusinya terbatas kadang-kadang kita cuman bisa dapet di acara-acara komik.

Terus karena komikus itu emang pada bawel, pembicaraan berlanjut jadi susahnya nyari tempat buat nongkrongnya komikus di Bandung. Sure, kita agak sering duduk-duduk di foodcourt atau tempat komersial lain sambil dengan kekeuh cuman beli segelas minuman (dan consequently berkali-kali ngerasain diusir dengan halus maupun tak halus), but won't it be fun if there's somewhere you can just drop down and talk about comics, read comics, make comics, or just roll around in the vicinity of other comic artists?

Tanpa bermaksud kedengeran kayak iklan jelek (tapi emang agak iya yah..), disini ada yang nyoba ngerespon itu :D Solusi kecil-kecilannya adalah KOMIKARA : Rumah Komik

Speknya begini :
-Dia TOKO KOMIK LOKAL, dan akan berusaha bisa ngejual komik-komik lokal yang beredar, dari yang major label sampe yang fotokopian. Juga akan jualan MERCHANDISE KOMIK. Pin, poster, kaos, stiker, mug, pakaian dalam (kami masih berharap akan ada yang jualan itu..), etc.
-Dia juga PERPUSTAKAAN KOMIK, dengan koleksi buku komik dan buku-buku referensi komik yang moga-moga bisa berguna buat komikus, pemerhati komik, atau penikmat
-Dia juga TEMPAT NONGKRONG, ada MAKANANNYA pula :D cuman mau duduk-duduk sambil bengong, bikin komik, atau ngeliatin komikus lewat, hayuu ^^
-Dia juga bisa dipake sebagai WADAH ACARA, WORKSHOP, & LAUNCHING, atau apapun yang ada hubungannya dengan komik. Kalo ada acara kecil-kecilan tapi susah nyari tempat mungil yang gratisan, Komikara siap dipakai :)
-Buat yang nggak demen datang secara random dan tanpa tujuan, setiap JUM'AT minggu genap akan ada WORKSHOP dan ngobrol-ngobrol komik rutin di Komikara, dari jam 4 sampai pematerinya capek. Tapi most days Komikara selalu ada orangnya kok ^^ Buka dari jam 9 pagi sampe jam 9 malem.

Tempatnya emang mungil dan masih perlu perbaikan disana-sini *mancing nih, siapa tau ada yang mau nyumbang taplak atau patung bebek-bebekan gituh :P*, tapi diharap pelan-pelan bisa jadi alternatif tempat buat ngebantu komik indonesia lebih maju lagi :) Lokasinya di JL. YODKALI NO 4 BANDUNG 40124, petanya bisa diliat di page FBnya ^^ Pokoknya di jalan yang ada ITENASnya ada pom bensin, nah di seberang pom bensin teh ada jalan belok ada gapuranya gitu, masuk aja terus jalan sampe mentok belok kiri, langsung ada deh XD

Nah dengan ini Komikara juga mau ngajakin rekan-rekan sesama penggiat komik Indonesia buat ikutan ngeramein tempat mungil ini. Kalau ada yang :
-Punya komik, dalam bentuk apapun, mau fotokopian, cetakan, udah diterbitin, majalah, komik individu, kompilasi, tutorial komik, etc. untuk bisa ikutan dijual disini. Biar makin banyak tempat orang bisa nemuin komik indo! :)
-Punya merchandise komik terkait berupa apapun
-Punya program bikin workshop atau acara-acara rutin maupun insidental lainnya. Punya komik baru dan pengen ada launching kecil2an? Pengen bikin acara signing komik? pengen diskusi?
-Punya Artwork dari komik bikinan kalian? atau komik yang mau dipublish? bisa kirim file jpg hi-res ke, biar ntar kita print dan pajang jadi poster di Komikara. Kan berasa keren kalo satu ruangan posternya komik Indo semua :D

Komikara mengundang semuanya buat ikut serta :) Bisa join groupnya di FB grup KOMIKARA-RUMAH KOMIK, bisa note kesini, bisa tulis aja langsung dibawah sini, atau siapa tau mau langsung mampir aja sambil ngedrop komik buat dijual. Komikara juga minta tolong buat temen-temen sekalian berkenan buat ikutan nyebarin beritanya kalo nggak merepotkan :)

Buat yang di LUAR BANDUNG dan ada komik yang mau dititipin bisa dipaket aja ke alamat Komikara diatas, atau buat yang sekitar Jawa Timur/Jawa Tengah bisa nitip pas acara CERGAMBOREE. Ntar tumplekin aja komiknya ke Zisa ^^;;; hehehehe.

Pertanyaan, usul, saran, nanya angkot, dan lain-lain selain disini bisa dilayangkan ke :
Okky (08122011073) / Azisa (0811210620)

Hatur nuhun! maaf ini jurnal panjang banget yak XD


I'm in :
:iconindonesia: :iconmuslim-manga: :iconbandungs:
:iconbandungmangaartists: :iconwayang-indonesia: :iconsurreal-landscapes:
Mom, big sis, lil bro, and niece :
:icondionaea: :iconalizarin: :iconblac-kwolfcub: :iconradinkadaynara:

Some fellow Indonesian comic artists (check them out! :))
:iconbaskara: :icondarklycan: :iconarioanindito: :iconpumpkinbear: :iconekyu: :icontonimaz: :iconadmirawijaya: :iconjoemand: :iconericbdg: :iconnumbo: :iconnanjung110: :iconmpunk-sign: :iconyamineco: :iconmazjojo: :iconvanguard-zero: :iconarchie-the-redcat: :iconikizaku: :icondear-summer: :iconmissingbanana: :icononoskal: :icondziqker: :iconbayou-kun: :iconadipatijulian: :iconlanzetter: :iconblqcomic: :iconcric: :icondedefox: :icondeena-chan: :iconsukoru: :iconwolvtrune: :icongabrielxian: :iconirzaqi: :iconbob-raigen: :iconmini-sys: :icondiyanbijac: :iconkostkomik:  :iconmagehikari: :iconnilanandita: :iconharliskudo: :iconsugoiking: :iconzsami:  :iconsinlaire: :iconalibolong: :iconcyu: :iconmetalheadkomik: :iconblackapplestudio: :iconrinota: :icongxsion: :iconmatt0: :iconarcsen: :iconazulla-00: :icondream-of-abell: :iconharlequeenade: :iconkrisnayana: :iconuschulla:
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Hi everyone :D Hope everyone is well and drawing/photographing/doing something in their computers - away happily… I’ve finally officially graduated :D and is at last starting to make the comic I’ve been wanting to make for 4 years since I entered university, wish me luck  XD…I also hope all of your projects and stuff goes on smoothly

But now I want to share a little rant…^^;

I’ve just been to a swimming pool ruin.
The pool  itself was dry, with scrapes of green algae and accumulated dirt baked in the sun, poolside chairs piled up like discarded vacation mementos, and the swimmers in the colorful murals oddly detached from each other as sections of walls were already dismantled. I’ve read and heard and bickered about the demolition of the Tjihampelas swimming pool for over a month then, but it was the first time that I actually saw the carnage firsthand and sat amongst the ruins.

It was an almost surreal, and for a moment I found myself fervently wishing that I had merely stepped into some off-frequency world where the pool was in ruins due to some apocalyptic debacle or other cracky things rather than simply greedy investors and sheer ignorance.

Well, but it’s not XD The Tjihampelas Swimming pool in the rapidly growing commercial district of Cihampelas is supposedly up for demolition to make way for a glitzy new mall or parking lot or hotel with a waterboom park or something along that line (it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish one blocky garish new building from another here in bandung :P ) And although it’s not exactly an ordinary swimming pool -  in fact it was the first swimming pool to be built in my city during the Colonial times, and it is also unique in that the water comes directly from a natural spring nearby (without any pumps or other standard equipment. I sort of peeked into the cave-like natural water reservoir behind the pool building some time ago before it was demolished), I guess it doesn’t really matter in the face of such burgeoning cash that would be gained from selling out the place.

The majority of Bandung citizens, myself included, are not really strangers to the mowing down of heritage buildings and landscapes in the name of ‘the city’s economic growth’ Just a month ago, an antique shophouse in the historical shopping district of Braga was suddenly found to be demolished (the guys doing it did the dismantling from the back and insides first, so when it was found out it was pretty much too late although it was listed as a heritage building), and another antique swimming pool near my former school has already been boarded off and is just waiting to be demolished. The list goes on and on from previous demolitions, and for ones concerned with heritage conservations, it’s like drafting up a mounting death tally. As it probably should be for a lot of people, perhaps.

Along my dabbling about in the Heritage conservation thing, I’ve been asked more than once about the actual importance of conserving heritage buildings and landscapes. Many points out that just because a majority of people on the Heritage conservation field comes from an architectural background  that it’s merely about some sort of misguided, nostalgic-oriented, self-importance of supposedly ‘valuable architecture’ – disregarding such things as economic values and well…economic values (what else there is, anyway :P)

Yet I must digress. Heritage conservation is not merely some nostalgic effort to cling to the past,  ignorant of current conditions. It is called ‘heritage conservation’ because what we’re trying to conserve are not simply ‘buildings’ or ‘gardens’ or ‘complexes’ – but there are also values and cultural legacies within those places that still has a place even in this rapidly growing world. Old things has within them values handed down from the past that might do good if appreciated rather than simply shunning it for newer, shinier, and quicker things that keeps flooding us everyday.

These are times when we are growing and changing much, much quicker than we can perhaps adapt to without being rootless and rather lost. Finding and appreciating values handed down from times past might actually make us step slower, more carefully, with more appreciation and consideration to things around us.  There are painstaking thoughts and incredible work ethos to be found on the sturdy walls of an old building, and value in gardens and open public spaces that might take us to contemplate nature and our surroundings more carefully, how traditional constructions represents cultural values handed down orally from elders and the generation linkages that goes through it. It’s inside these things that we might take root while still facing the current world.

Heritage conservation in itself is not terribly rigid in implementation, as some might feel that ‘conservation’ means keeping a building or a place in the same way as it was like, hundeds of years ago or such. But actually it’s a pretty flexible thing, for the cultures and values that is being kept is constantly fluctuating and interacting with newer factors. An old builidng might undergo adaptive reuse where the major physical form would be the same yet the function and usage would differ accordingly. If handled correctly, the heritage factor can actually be a major selling point for business. So well, anyone saying that an old building or place cannot give of sufficient monetary benefit is just lazy, yo :P

/End of rant. Sorry for whoever actually read this XD Um, so, it won’t hurt to pay more attention to heritage sites around us…and more awareness for those sites might help us appreciate our city more and if anything ever happens to them…:3

A little news from :iconkcbmanyala:..
For comic artists or comic enthusiasts in Bandung, the Manyala Comic community is re-hosting a routine comic workshop in Tobucil (Jl. Aceh No. 56, near gor Saparua). The host changes every workshop, each with different topics, but anyone is welcome (encouraged!:D ) to share and just generally have fun together ^^. A new batch of the little workshops will start  5th May at 15.00 WIB-ish, then if everything goes well, it’ll be held in two week intervals from there on at the same time (schedules should be up at Drop by if you have time, plus the little Tobucil bookshop is a delight to be in even if you’re doing nothing ^^

PS : a little feature for my friend, Aes-Aelin for she has opened up a fanart account under the name of :iconharlequeenade:. If you are into Teen Titans or the DC comic universe in general, then you’re in for a treat of her ‘freshly squeezed visual mischief’  ;)  

PPS : If you have time, why not also drop by my sister :iconalizarin: and my mother’s :icondionaea: galleries :3
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Heya ^^
Will be jetting off to Surabaya for a while for Cergamboree comic festival :3

Festival Komik dan Seni Urban Surabaya

27 Februari – 8 Maret 2009
CCCL Surabaya & Perpustakaan C2O

Pembukaan :
Jumat, 27 Februari pk. 18.00 di CCCL, jl. Darmokali 10

Penutupan :
Minggu, 8 Maret pk.16.00 di Perpustakaan C2O, jl. Dr. Cipto 20

Bersama :
Outline Reborn, Wind Rider, Komikpalsu, Bunuh Diri, Neo Paradigm (Surabaya), Beng Rahadian (Jakarta), Djoko Hartanto (Alia- Jakarta), Tita Larasati (Bandung), Azizah Noor (Bandung), Alfi Zackhyelle (Jogja), Bajingan Comic (Malang), Nasi Putih (Jember)

Mengundang :
Sylvain-Moizie (La Boîte à Bulles - Prancis)

Mural :
Grafis Darurart (Solo), Karya Anak Bangsa, Syndicate, Virgin is Suck, Wipe (Surabaya)

Program 'Cergamboree'

Jumat, 27 Februari - CCCL
18.00 Pembukaan (pameran-forum)
19.00 Pemutaran film animasi indie (Prancis)

Sabtu, 28 Februari - CCCL
09.00 Workshop bersama Sylvain-Moizie
14.00 Pemutaran film animasi ' ersepolis' karya Marjane Satrapi
16.00 Meet & greet para komikus
18.00 Jam strip (comic battle)
19.00 Forum "Komik & Seni Urban"

Minggu, 1 Maret - CCCL
09.00 Workshop bersama Sylvain-Moizie
14.00 Pemutaran film Clermont Ferrand
16.00 Meet & greet para komikus
18.00 Jam strip (comic battle)
19.00 Forum "Self-publishing"

Minggu, 8 Maret - C2O (Penutupan)
Melukis Mural (dimulai sejak Jumat 6/2, pk.11.00 – 17.00)
Diskusi santai
Pemutaran film penutup


27 Februari – 8 Maret 2009 - CCCL
Pameran Komik Indonesia & Prancis
Pameran Seni Urban

3 – 8 Maret - C2O
Pameran Karya Workshop

Pemutaran Film Animasi 2 – 7 Maret – pk. 19.00 di CCCL

3 Maret – Toko buku Petra Togamas, Pucang Anom Timur
5 Maret – Universitas Ciputra, Waterpark Boulevard, Citra Raya
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heya! buat yang di Bandung, KM ITB ngadain acara komik - ada talkshownya tanggal 12 ini, dan ada pamerannya selama seminggu penuh. Lumayan buat ngumpul2 sama liat2 :D

Jum'at 12 Desember 2008
15.00-17.00 (dilanjutkan pembukaan pameran)
Campus Centre Barat ITB lantai 1, R.26
Pembicara :
- Yasraf Amir Piliang (Dosen DP ITB dan pakarnya kebudayaan)
- Alvanov Zpalanzani (dosen DKV dan yang bikin martabak komikita)
- Pidi Baiq (komikus, rocker, all-round entertainer)
- Azisa Noor (er, komikus mahasiswa ^^; )

ngeshowcase karya2 komik dari mahasiswa2 Bandung (yang bisa ditemukan ^^;, namely)
12-19 Desember 2008

Dijual juga komik-komik karya mahasiswa Bandung dan komk-komik indie,fotokopian, maupun komik yang udah bagus mbungkusnya oleh macam-macam komikus Bandung :D
oh yeah,ada bursa komik elex juga, sapa tau pas diskonan 30% kemaren gak sempet XD
aaand....there'd be doorprizes, yay :P

Sponsored by ITB, KMITB, Elex Media, Papyrus, and :iconkcbmanyala:

Kalo sempet maen-maen yah ^^ ) kalo disini ada mahasiswa yang masih mau ikutan pameran walo udah mepet hubungin aja 0811210620, bisa diselipin secara diam-diam saat semuanya menoleh ke arah lain >D
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Hi there, how's everyone? Hope everyone's finding ways to be happy, somewhat :3
Thanks to everyone who managed to drop by, and sorry for belated replies and comment on your lovely arts :3..

So, another new semester..This time around I'm finally taking up my Final Project, which might and might not mean that I'll be drawing even less (..because one of the most tempting time to draw is right before an important deadline, so there...:P)
My Final Project is designing a community-scale Children's Library, something I've been wanting to do for sometime now. I'm still not very sure of the design concept, but I fancy the stuff to be something having the feel reminiscent of the Ghibli studio museum-especially since this might be the last chance to really have the artistic freedom in designing a building, free from financial restrains...X3

While I'm at it, I'd like to introduce a few architectural students in my year who resides in DA too. Go check them out if you haven't :3

:iconaes-aelin: Draws beautiful and evocative surreal scenes, courtesy of her often overflowing mind. Enjoy her gallery and pester her to post more drawings! more! XD
:iconarcsen: His intricately drawn scenes are just simply breathtaking..treat yourself to the lovely gallery of this oftentimes wry druid ;)
:iconfreyralfheimr: gives you glimpses of the fantastic in many different ways, from cute, homicidal imps to surreal depictions of a person's mind - all done in her vibrant style :3
:icondropletganger: Or, my adopted grandma :D Her gallery houses an array of cute, loveable creatures and equally loveable ladies from various sources. Don't forget to drop by! :)

And while you're at it, drop by my sister's gallery in :iconalizarin: you won't be disappointed :D
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All has been, almost too quiet. Disquietingly so. Something is missing, and the balance is just not there.

I miss drawing blue skies.
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Buat komikus-komikus Bandung, (mau banyakan, mau sendirian, mau profesional, mau seneng2, pokoknya merasa komikus :D), diundang untuk menghadiri :

Sosialisasi Pertama Komunitas Cergam Bandung : MANYALA
Kamis 29 November 2007
Jam 15.30-selesai/diusir sama yang punya tempat
STDI Jl. Wastukencana, Lantai 3 (cuman ada 1 ruangan kok >3)

Singkatnya, Manyala ini bertujuan buat mewadahi kegiatan-kegiatan n aspirasi  (heuh, saya terdengar seperti kaderisasi sesuatu ^^; ) ngomik di Bandung dan mengumpulkan komikus-komikus yang ada di Bandung ini supaya makin banyak peluang kerjasama, ngumpul-ngumpul, tuker2 info, and all that stuff :3 Mungkin nampak enak juga kalo komikus di Bandung punya semacem 'Home Base', of sorts...

Dateng dan coba aja dulu, I guess, bawa porto juga buat sharing-sharing (kalo ada porto digital juga enak, sekalian ntar dikatalogin ^^) nyuu, sampe ketemu disana ^^
  • Listening to: Velvet Revolution-Tori Amos
  • Reading: A Disease of Language-Moore/Campbell
  • Watching: the Calendar 0____o
  • Playing: Building Site Plans and Comic Scripts
  • Eating: anything within reach
  • Drinking: Big M Chocolate!! ooooooo X3
Will be gone for a while..Leaving for London for LINGUA COMICA, the 2nd Asia-Europe Comics Project. (Last year darklycan went to Singapore for the first Asia-Europe comic Project. You should check out his works if you haven't ^^) It's a collabratory effort between Asian and European comic artists and we're meeting up in London for the festivals and seminars and stuff...

Each Asian comic artist was paired with an European one to produce a collaboratory comic, and my partner turns out to be an awesome Hungarian comic artist who is also a Phd in literature!! Check out his works http//  :) Our collab comic adapts Henry James's 'Turn of the Screw', focusing on the recurring motif of ghost stories on both Asian and European culture, and how each culture views a 'ghost story' by having the same ghost story happen at two different places and cultures. It was great fun, and Gabor was such a patient and invaluable partner throughout all the sleepless night ^^ (Some of the pages, and awesome works from the other Lingua Comica Participants can be seen at )

So excited!! the last time I went to London was when I was a wee kid (can't say I remember anything at all :P ) Who knows I might catch a glimpse of London Underground..X3 (reads too much Neverwhere :D )

So, hope everyone's doing well and finding time to make art and be happy somewhat :D oh, plus Happy Eid for those who celebrate. I apologize for any wrongdoings (or wrong posts XD) I've done this year. May this year be a fresh start for all of us :3
  • Listening to: Vivaldi's four seasons
  • Reading: Turn of the Screw-Henry James
  • Watching: The Place promised in our Early Days
  • Playing: replaying BG2- love the Kivan mod X3
  • Eating: Lebaran Cookies
  • Listening to: background nothing
  • Reading: Javanese illuminations
  • Watching: Battlestar Galactica Marathon X3
  • Playing: scary softwares XP
  • Eating: another party's leftovers..
  • Drinking: chai
Taking a little break from the last of my holiday works...and what better way to do it than tags....X3...stole it from Maygreen thanks may!! *glindingin may*

Hope all you guys are allright and finding time to be happy ^^

1- Rate tens character you like, at least two weeks ago until now!

1. Batman/Bruce Wayne (various DC graphic novels, NOT the movies)
2. Manji (Blade of the Immortal)
3. Richard Mayhew (Neverwhere)
4. Michael (La Femme Nikita Tv series)
5. Octavian (Rome Tv Series)
6. Ryuutaro Mine (Nodame Cantabile)
7. Mohinder Suresh (Heroes)
8. Kyon (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
9. Saladin (Kingdom of Heaven)
10. Alfred (various Batman graphic novels and movies)

1. Catwoman/Selina Kyle (various DC graphic novels, NOT the movie)
2.  Raven (Teen Titans)
3. Oracle/Barbara Gordon (Various DC graphic novels)
4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
5. Delirium (Sandman)
6. Kara/Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica)
7. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
8. Nana Osaki (Nana)
9. Fi Charmichael (Planetes)
10. Sorilea (Wheel of Time Series)

2- Rate 10 of your favourite games (Anime if you’re not a gamer)!

1. Baldur’s Gate 2
2. Arcanum
3. The Longest Journey
4. Neverwinter Nights 2
5. Planescape : Torment
6. Vampire the Masquerade : Bloodlines
7. Mistery Case Files : Ravenshearst
8. Diablo 2
9. The Sims 2
10. Icewind Dale 2

3- Rate your favourite song!

1. Ego Brain – System of a Down
2. Extraordinary Machine – Fiona Apple
3. Cavatina – composed by Stanley Myers
4. Unforgiven II - Metallica
5. Surprise Ice – Kings of Convinience
6. Arcanum main theme song- composed by Ben Houge for string quartet :3
7. Anak Perahu – composed by Mochtar Embut
8. These Days – Bon Jovi
9. Hall of the Mountain King-composed by Edvard Grieg, loved it best when played by Apocalyptica
10. Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones

Wanna tag.. :iconfoxthirteen:
  • Listening to: The Feeling-12 Stops
  • Reading: Fragile Things-Neil Gaiman
  • Watching: Rome season 2 ^^
  • Playing: Lost worlds inside boxes
  • Eating: party leftovers
Heheh, how is everyone? :hug: Hope everyone is doing fine and drawing or making art happily (or finding the time to)..or just being happy might be enough ^^

It's finally the end of semester vacation, and I spent a good portion of its beginning in the hospital XD...I think I got the Dengue Fever at my internship site (it's in the middle of nowhere with trees everywhere, I should have know it'd be swarming with musqoitos :p ) Currently dragging my ass back to all the unfinished work I got before I got sick...ah well, no use in sitting around :D

Aaaaand, as fellow Indonesians might already know, the Festival komik Indonesia Satu Dekade (KONDE) is up and running until 1st of July - be sure to visit it in Ancol's Pasar Seni, loads of talented Indonesian comic artists, inspirations, and much more. Go Indonesian comics!! ^^ I'm supposed to have a stand there too, along with my sister alizarin and my dear friend Aes-Aelin but the bloody Dengue fever sort of negates my dream to even set foot in Ancol, I'm currently on house arrest until I get really better XD Oh well, have fun you guys who can manage to get there :D
  • Listening to: Octavarium -Dream Theatre
  • Reading: Blind willow, sleeping Woman - Haruki Murakami
  • Watching: Nodame Cantabile-TV drama series
  • Playing: Landscapes and buildings XD
Ola! How's everybody? hope you're all doing fine and drawing away happily, or at least finding some time to draw and have fun :D

Currently juggling between Studio works, jobs, and life in general. It's hectic but it's sort of fun, and perhaps I ought to be thankful for having this much I can do :)

Just got a nice tag from :iconmaiziedog: , you should check out her gallery too! Both her drawings and her shots are wonderfuly stylish :3

The first ten people who post in this journal will be featured. I will go though your gallery and choose three of your deviations I like most and post them in my journal for everyone to see! It's pretty much to show you off. Who doesn't want that? So, just be the first 10 to post and viola! Only catch is, you should post this in your own journal. It's only fair!

1. :iconlishtar: you can also visit her in :iconlishtalicious:
Lishtar's anime-styled drawings deals with common 'anime themes'. But for those of you who don't dig those kinds of things, her bold lines and fresh colors would be a joy to watch :3………

2. :icontears-of-eternity:
Her gallery is a mix between photo shots, digital arts, and a few drawings. Every deviation is beautifully captured both in technique and subject matter and each one has a wonderfully haunting feel...I really had trouble picking just three to feature..:D………

3. :iconmiada:
Miada's pastel colored gallery can be sweet, wacky, and stylish at the same time. She also experiments in various medias :3………

4. :iconbette:
Browsing through Bette's gallery you will find a wide variety of style and genres, from surreal depictions of the seven sins to irresistibly cute chibi characters - all unique and wonderful in its own way :3………

5. :icongoenz:
Goenz's deviations can be many things. Stylish, witty, chic, and sometimes pure, happy bursts of colors. Treat your eyes to his vibrant gallery right away! :D………

6. :iconfirestar7218:
Firestar's simple drawings and proses can convey strong emotions and feelings. Click on her gallery and start to read between the lines :)………

7. :iconeinde:
The first thing that came to my mind upon seeing einde's gallery was : Cute!! :love: Hop into her pastel-colored world of whimsical animals, childrens, and soap bubbles..yaay soap bubbles XD ^^;………

8. :iconcharlie-bowater:
I found her gallery through this tag, and boy am I glad that I did! :D Charlie seems to specialize in people, with wide ranges of costumes and moods - all superbly executed in whatever media she was using. Go check her out ppl!………

9. :iconhaibane-no-rakka:
Haibane no rakka's sweet gallery will enchant anime lovers with her soft colors and pretty figures :3………

10. :iconmygirl:
The aptly-named Mygirl's gallery is filled with beautiful girls, all executed wonderfully and each one with certain glints in their eyes that will get you coming back for more! :D………

Happy featuring! :boogie: have a nice day everyone :3's the start of school after the Eid holidays...and I'm still in Holiday spirit mode...XD...Hope everyone's doing fine and drawing happily...:hug:

For those of you living in Bandung and interested in live music, there'll be a concert featuring the violinist of 4 Peniti, Ammy's string section, and ITB's student orchestra. It will be held in :

Aula Barat ITB
17 November 2006
Starts around after Maghrib, you can get the tickets right on the spot or at KLCBS radio

The playlists are mostly re-arranged Sundanese folk music. complete with the orchestra background....:3...might be fun to watch! I'll be playing too (I'm on the Viola), and also my little sister :iconrooftop-fiddler:  So if you got some spare time...grab some friends and hop to Albar! :D Thanks!! :3

Just found an irresistibly cute tag on :iconpipid:'s page, and although I'm supposed to be working I...can't....resist.....:D To do it, you just have to set your MP3/MP4 player to shuffle to answer these questions..^^

1. How are you feeling today ?

[Godsmack] Running Blind

"Searching for nothing
Wondering if I'll change
I'm trying everything
But everything still stays the same
I thought if I showed you I could fly
Wouldn't need anyone by my side
Now I'm running backward
With broken wings I know I'll die"

(Ah, hope tomorrow will be better)

2. Will you get far in life?

[System of a Down] Soldier's Side

"Welcome to the soldier side
where there's no one here but me.
People all grow up to die.
There is no one here but me"

3. How do your friends see you ?

[System of a Down] Psycho

"Makes you high, makes you hide,
Do you really want to think and stop,
Stop your eyes from flowing"

( :boogie: )

4. Will you get married?

[Evanescence] Call me when you're sober

Don't cry to me.
If you loved me,
You would be here with me.
You want me,
Come find me.
Make up your mind.


5. What is your best friend's theme song ?

[System of a Down] Forest  

"Walk with me my little friend,
Take this promise to the end,
Speak with me my only mind,
Walk with me until the end,
And make the forest turn to sand"

6. What is the story of your life?

[Ghost in the Shell - Scott Matthews] Be Human

"I'd roll around in mud and have lots of fun then when I was done
Build bubblebath towers and swim in the tub
Sand Castles on the beach, frolick in the sea, get a broken knee
Be scared of the dark and I'd sing out of key

Curse when I lost a fight, kiss and reunite, scratch a spider's bite
Be happy with wrinkles I got when I smile
Pet kittens 'till they purred, maybe keep a bird, always keep my word
I'd cry at sad movies and laugh 'till it hurt

I'd buy a big bike, I'd ride by the lake
And I'd have lots of friends and I'd stay out too late"

(My favourite song! :love: )

7. What was high school like ?

[Snow Patrol] Chasing Cars

"Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life
Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads "

(now is the time to ride the cars, not chase it ^^)

8. How can you get ahead in life ?

[4 Peniti] Bebek & Sapi (Ducks and Cows? XD)

''Aku si Gembala sapi,
yang sedang jatuh cinta!!"/
"I'm a cowherd in love!!"

(yea...sometimes love is enough XD)

9. What is the best thing about your friends?

[System of a Down] I-E-A-I-A-I-O

As we light up the sky"

(well...that's what's fun about my eludes words...AEAAA...)

10. What is in store this weekend?

[System of a Down] StreamLine

"I know, weather's gonna be fine,
But I can see you cross the streamline,
My love waits for me in daytime,
But I can see you through the snowblind"

11. What song describes you?

[Nana-Mika Nakashima] Glamorous Sky

"I want to decorate my heart,
with these stars I gathered
In order to tie our dreams together,
we dance in these GLAMOROUS DAYS"

12. To describe your grandparents?

[4 Peniti] Anak nakal (naughty child ;) )

"panggil saja dia si anak nakal
jengkelkan lawanya juga kawanya
tiada tunduk pada siapapun juga
hanya kan tunduk pada eyang.."

(..I miss my granny ^^...)

13. How is you life going on ?

[System of a Down] She's like heroin

"She's like heroin
Sipping through a little glass
I'm looking for some help
I need someone to save my ass"

(So, anyone up for saving my ass? XD)

14. What song will the play at your funeral ?

[Jet] Bring it on back

"Is it okay if I don't make it?
Is it okay if I don't come around?
The light is fading and the sun has gone down.
Bring it on back, bring it on back, bring it on back

For all that you did,
For all that you had,
all that you said, you could take it all back.
All that you've seen,
The stuff all in your head.
Bring it on back, bring it on back, bring it on back.

Just because your eyes are open doesn't mean you can see.
So where do we go? That's between you and me"

(It's a good song for a funeral actually...especially if you have a necromancer friend :XD: )

15. How does the world see you ?

[Kings of Convinience] Gold in the air of Summer

I didn't know if you wanted to
But I came to pick you up
You didn't even hesitate
And now you and me are on our way
I think I've bought everything we need
Don't look back, don't think of the
All the places we should've been
It's a good thing that you came along with me

(Will you wnat me to come along with you? :hug: )

16. Will you have a happy life ?

[4 Peniti] Indah Damai (Beautiful and peaceful XD)

"Mari, bersama eratkan jabat kita
tebarkan dengan senyummu, mewangi negri ini
saling memberi, berbagi sesama
damailah negriku ini, seperti dahulu.."

(Wow...that fits almost too nicely XD)

17. Do your friends really think of you ?

[Suede] Saturday Night

"Today she's been sat there, sat there in a black chair, office furniture,
But it'll be alright,
Cos tonight we'll go drinking we'll do silly things,
And never let the winter in,
And it'll be okay like everyone says, it'll be alright and ever so nice,
We're going out tonight, out and about tonight

Oh, whatever makes her happy on a saturday night,
Oh, whatever makes her happy, whatever makes it alright"

18. Do people secretly lust for you?

[System of a Down] Highway Song

"the signs are all tuning right,
Do you want me to try,
Directing your night,
Want me to try,
Directing your light"

(*ahem* directing my nights....:D )

19. How can I make myself happy ?

[System of a Down] Aerials

"Aerials, in the sky,
When you lose small mind,
You free your life.
Aerials, so up high,
  • Listening to: sounds of home :3
  • Reading: Tigana (Guy Gavriel Kay)
  • Watching: Six Feet Under-final season
  • Playing: Time Crisis 4
  • Eating: Piles of Idul Fitri cookies...nyah nyah...:D
Having a vacation at last...:boogie: How's everyone? Hope everyone's ok and having fun, or at least a semblance of it ^^;

For those of you who celebrated Idul Fitri, I wish you had a meaningful Ramadhan :3..Forgive me if I ever did anything wrong.... For those who don't, I also beg forgiveness for any wrong posts or pictures or words :3 Let's start a blank new sheet for this year...

got tagged by :iconlishtar:...I guess Halloween spirits are already up and about...:D

1. Do you believe in ghost?
I don't exactly believe in 'ghosts', but I do believe that there are other 'beings' living alongside us  :3

2. Can you see them?
thankfully no :3 I don't know about the things in my drawings but I've never seen one in the flesh

3. Are you afraid of them?
as long as they don't show themselves..XD

4. Where do you see them lately?
nowhere? or in the TV? :D

5. What form they are?
It depends on what form you expect them to be, I guess...:p

6. Why you won’t see them?
basically ppl are not supposed to see them, I believe it's that way for a reason ^^;

7. Aren’t you gonna scream?
screaming isn't really going to help I guess ^^;

8. Why they appear to you?
Some are just mischievous...others sometimes have messages, and some other times they're just in the wrong frequency :p

9. What kind of ghost you feared most?
pocong! XD In my country our dead (Moslem ones) are traditionally wrapped in white cloth which is tied at the top of the head, leaving only the face visible. And that's exactly what a pocong is, only it's out of the grave and jumps around....XD....

10. Why it scared you?[main reason]
just plain damn scary XD

11. Describe it!
.....*cowers in corner of room*...well u get the picture :D

12. What kind of ghost you admired most?
As far as supernatural being goes, I love fairies :3

13. Why it mesmerized you?[main reason]
...they're just so...untouchable :3

14. Describe it!
it's as if fairies are epitomes of things hidden from our sight. When you see one it'll be lost the moment you blink, leaving only the sound of their laughter and merry celebrations :3

15. Do you like to watch horror?

16. What was that mean?
Will watch anything with good story :)

17. Do you watch any reality show of horror?
Nope, most horror reality shows (especially Indonesian ones) are just noisy and crass. Disturbing things they should've not

18. What is it?

19. Describe the show!
nothing of importance XP

20. Do you watch another horror show?

21. What is it?
weird travels in Discovery Travel and Living

22. Describe the show!
Well basically it's just some kind of a tour of supposedly haunted travel destinations like hotels, castles, etc...

23. If you can be a ghost (and related) what kind of ghost you choose?
er...can't I just be human? XD
Perhaps being a bogeyman would be pretty neat..>:)

24. What the ghost feared most?
Since they're basically like us, then I guess it varies from ghost to ghost just as it varies from person to person

25. If you face them directly, what will you do?
Pray and hope they'll just go away :p Running would be preferable, but wether my legs works or not would be a different story...^^;

26. Where is the place you feared most? (definitely un-halloween-ish ^^; )

27. Where you can feel safe?
it actually depends on who's with me in that place

28. What is your guard to protect you from them?
just prayers I guess. Aside from the fact that they can't actually do anything to physicaly harm us.

29. And..if I—the one who ask you—is a ghost, what will you do?
That'd be interesting :3 I'd love to draw you!

Would also love to tag
:iconkalakannabayu: :iconfelixs: :iconhanekyu: :iconpumpkinbear:'s a new semester....guess I'll have to say hello to floorplans and structures and autoCAD again....XD.....wish me luck...:D...I'm also working on my comic project Dreamkeeper, pieces for an upcoming exhibit, and hopefuly a collab project with darklycan

I'm also happy to announce the publication of my dear friend (who had kindly let me do the illustrations for her book) dear-summer's first novel : Arien's Diary :boogie: . For those of you who live in Indonesia and loves RPG, fantasy, DnD, or just a damn good story, go buy yourself one!!! It will soon be in QB bookstores, but for the time being you can get it in Tobucil (Bandung), CnG Taman Anggrek (Jakarta), or Toga mas (Malang).....The book's a fantasy adventure thingie...there's even a general forum you can join based on the book's universe

Recently there has been a chain of disasters in my country. Volcanic gases, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, you name it....sadly a few of them were actually manmade, like the currently unstoppable flow of molten mud on East Java....:(...let's all pray for the ppl who lost their homes and their lives...and try to help even in the littlest way possible, only you know what you can do....:hug:

Have a good day everyone! :hug:

Visit my family!! :3...
:icondionaea: :iconalizarin: :iconrooftop-fiddler:
Lovely friends (who are kickass artists too!)
:iconaes-aelin: :icondarklycan: :iconpumpkinbear: :iconspectral-d: :iconarf: :iconskinnyfeet: :iconmaygreen: :iconfragnatica: :iconseviore: :icondear-summer: :iconholy-d: :iconadmirawijaya: :icondaniwuzheer: :iconreza-ilyasa: :iconbaka-shironeko: :iconzenarc:
inspirational artists
:iconfrecklefaced29: :iconalexanderjansson: :iconbarbarasobczynska: :icongalhad: :iconk-tim: :iconstaje: :iconzebrazebrazebra: :iconbluesand-tiger: :iconpoprage:  :iconclownee: :iconkchilt: :iconpretenduloveme:
I don't understand what the world is thinking. I don't understand war.

I don't understand why the whole world just sit on their asses while they throw bombs and kill children

Sure they 'claimed' that Qana is a danger zone, but even knowing full well that civilians are still inside their residences and bunkers, sleeping, they bombed anyway. Because it is war, it can somehow be justified?

And sure, it has happened before, in the exact same place. Which serves as a testament that humans don't really learn from history. It's really sad

I know there's scarcely anything we can actually do. In the end, I guess all we can do is pray, and ask others to pray with us.
Got tagged by :iconmannanan:

10 Firsts...
-First Best Friend: my sister alizarin
-First Imaginary Friend: a scarlet dragonchild ;)
-First Pet's name: I'm never good with pets...XD....
-First Piercing: none at all....
-First Crush: a guy I used to beat up with a broom in grade school....ergh...karma....XD
-First CD: System of a Down. I'm not really a CD kind of person, zenarc bought it for me....:3
-First Car: hahah...nobody bought me one cos I'll most likely destroy it...
-First School: the playgroup in traffic garden Bandung...tis a neat place w lots and lots of trees...:heart:
-First Kiss: hehehehehehhhh.......:floating:

9 Lasts...
-Last Time You Smoked: Never smoked, I'm asthmatic
-Last Food You Ate: Bolognaise spagetthi sauce w olives n toasted bread...mmmm...yum....homemade fares are best
-Last Car Ride: yesterday
-Last Movie You Watched: The Terminal (oooo it's sooooo adorable!! you should go watch it if u haven't)
-Last Phone Call: a few hours ago
-Last CD You listened to: Kings of Convinience
-Last Bubble Bath You took: a few months ago...
-Last Song You listened to: These Days, Bon Jovi
-Last Fight: a few hours ago, with a horde of mindflayers in NwN....:D

8 Have You Ever...
-Have You Ever Dated a Best Friend: nah...
-Have You Ever Been Arrested: nah...
-Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: nope
-Have You Ever Been on TV: nope
-Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Regretted It: Nope :)
-Have You Ever Cheated on Your bf/gf: nah...
-Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date: every date is actually blind...:3
-Have You Ever Been out of the Country: yep. Loved Italy the most :3..

7 Things You are Wearing...
- Things under my clothes
- T-shirt
- jeans
- glasses
- sandals
- breadcrumbs on my shirt
-George, my monkey doll looped around my neck

6 Things You've Done Today...
- Cooked for breakfast and lunch and for my sis rooftop-fiddler's birthday tomorrow
- submitted a deadline (yaaay one down, 4 more to go)
- chatted via YM about how to make a mini trebuchet...XD
- sit around in comfy silence with my bf....:3...
- drew with my liitle bro
- fool around in DA....:3...

5 Favorite Things (no specific order)...
- friends, family, n my bf
- music
- dreams
- drawing and art
- food!!:boogie:

4 People You Most Trust (no specific order)...
- God
- My family
- My boyfriend
- My little circle of weird friends :3

3 Choices...
Vanilla or Chocolate: green tea?
- Hugs or Kisses: hugs!hugs!can't stop hugging ppl!!!:hug:

2 Things You Want to do Before You Die...
- Have a family of my own, have lots of kids and a comfy house I design with my bf....:D
- Find the meaning behind life and pour it into my art, and I hope it can sorta help ppl find their meanings too....:3

1 Person You Want to see..
- My late grandma...

People Who Should Put This In Their Journal
:iconifan80: :icondarklycan: :iconrider-on-the-storm:

If u have time, why not visit my family's gallery...:3
my sis :iconalizarin: and :iconrooftop-fiddler:
my mom :icondionaea:

thanks!:3 have a nice day everyone....:3
got tagged again....but it's a different kind of tag I suppose?:3...

Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours....

1. I have a habit of placing people I knew into RPG-ish categories, are they elven, dwarves, or half-orcs, and are they paladins, rogues, clerics, depending on their behaviour and's kinda fun...Most of my close friends are monks and wizards, n my boyfriend is an Aasimar monk....XD...
2. There's a kind of yellow parasitic plant that grows and feeds on bushes (in Indonesian it's called Tali Putri). Everytime I see a bush with that stuff growing on it I'd have an irresistible urge to stop walking and start weeding the's sorta relaxing....XD....Most of the time anyone who's walking with me would have to pry my hands out of the bush and drag me away from it....
3. I love poking at other people's cheek...
4. I simply cannot stop strange nonsensical sounds like "nyuuu","pyuuu","puuu","nyooo" and the like from slipping in between my gets ppl confused...
5. Whenever I walk I have a habit of picking leaves, twigs, and quite about anything that looks cute along the way until at the end of the journey I'd have a wacky bouquet of mismatched thingies (which someone would usually tell me to throw away...XD..)
6. I love sitting on the floor (especially under a table)..just don't really like chairs...some people actually get upset over this and would keep offering me to have a seat on a chair, or even joining me on the floor...XD...

ok, that done....tag!!....
:icondaniwuzheer: :iconskinnyfeet: :iconreza-ilyasa: :iconkndoe: :iconblackcatdead: :iconmasylum: