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Got tagged by :iconmannanan:

10 Firsts...
-First Best Friend: my sister alizarin
-First Imaginary Friend: a scarlet dragonchild ;)
-First Pet's name: I'm never good with pets...XD....
-First Piercing: none at all....
-First Crush: a guy I used to beat up with a broom in grade school....ergh...karma....XD
-First CD: System of a Down. I'm not really a CD kind of person, zenarc bought it for me....:3
-First Car: hahah...nobody bought me one cos I'll most likely destroy it...
-First School: the playgroup in traffic garden Bandung...tis a neat place w lots and lots of trees...:heart:
-First Kiss: hehehehehehhhh.......:floating:

9 Lasts...
-Last Time You Smoked: Never smoked, I'm asthmatic
-Last Food You Ate: Bolognaise spagetthi sauce w olives n toasted bread...mmmm...yum....homemade fares are best
-Last Car Ride: yesterday
-Last Movie You Watched: The Terminal (oooo it's sooooo adorable!! you should go watch it if u haven't)
-Last Phone Call: a few hours ago
-Last CD You listened to: Kings of Convinience
-Last Bubble Bath You took: a few months ago...
-Last Song You listened to: These Days, Bon Jovi
-Last Fight: a few hours ago, with a horde of mindflayers in NwN....:D

8 Have You Ever...
-Have You Ever Dated a Best Friend: nah...
-Have You Ever Been Arrested: nah...
-Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: nope
-Have You Ever Been on TV: nope
-Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Regretted It: Nope :)
-Have You Ever Cheated on Your bf/gf: nah...
-Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date: every date is actually blind...:3
-Have You Ever Been out of the Country: yep. Loved Italy the most :3..

7 Things You are Wearing...
- Things under my clothes
- T-shirt
- jeans
- glasses
- sandals
- breadcrumbs on my shirt
-George, my monkey doll looped around my neck

6 Things You've Done Today...
- Cooked for breakfast and lunch and for my sis rooftop-fiddler's birthday tomorrow
- submitted a deadline (yaaay one down, 4 more to go)
- chatted via YM about how to make a mini trebuchet...XD
- sit around in comfy silence with my bf....:3...
- drew with my liitle bro
- fool around in DA....:3...

5 Favorite Things (no specific order)...
- friends, family, n my bf
- music
- dreams
- drawing and art
- food!!:boogie:

4 People You Most Trust (no specific order)...
- God
- My family
- My boyfriend
- My little circle of weird friends :3

3 Choices...
Vanilla or Chocolate: green tea?
- Hugs or Kisses: hugs!hugs!can't stop hugging ppl!!!:hug:

2 Things You Want to do Before You Die...
- Have a family of my own, have lots of kids and a comfy house I design with my bf....:D
- Find the meaning behind life and pour it into my art, and I hope it can sorta help ppl find their meanings too....:3

1 Person You Want to see..
- My late grandma...

People Who Should Put This In Their Journal
:iconifan80: :icondarklycan: :iconrider-on-the-storm:

If u have time, why not visit my family's gallery...:3
my sis :iconalizarin: and :iconrooftop-fiddler:
my mom :icondionaea:

thanks!:3 have a nice day everyone....:3
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metalheadkomik Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006   General Artist
wow... so many people around ya
daniwuzheer Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006
they have the worst international airport! i've been in rome, its sooo dirty... its better in the countrysides, i stayed in trieste for 6 months... thats a small town facing the adriatic gulf at northern italy...
scarlet-dragonchild Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
hahahaha...that's feels just like Indonesia!!what with all of the litters n crazy drivers and everyone being late....:D and I swear their swearwords sound like Javanese.....:D
oooo.....that's nice......what did u do for 6 month in trieste?
daniwuzheer Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2006
oh, if that's the reason than i could't agreed more :lol: my dad was doin' some research with the local university there, sooo... i came along =) 'n i went to to the local school too... no one understands english, shucks...
daniwuzheer Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006
you loved italy? i think
Kasy-05 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2006
this tagg is rather fancy XD... i have a little circle of weird friends too C:
somnambulistic-star Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006
You know what I laughed at this morning. Funny, sometimes you make me laugh so much, but so rarely these days.
cotetecita Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006

good declaration1
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